Monitoring programs

The Lake Vänern Society for Water Conservation is responsible for monitoring the environment of the lake. Monitoring operations are combined in a program.

Their objects are to describe the chemical and biological status of the lake, indicate developments and thus provide underlying information for following up environmental targets and measures designed to enhance the environment.

In conjunction with other programs, to provide underlying information for calculating the volume of substances flowing into the lake from various sources, and for the establishment of material balances describing the turnover of these substances in the lake.

To provide underlying information for regional environmental analyses, reference points for local environmental conservancy activities and support to the co-ordination and common quality assurance of the various organisations involved in monitoring the lake's environment.

Environmental monitoring of lake Vänern

Continuous monitoring of the environment of Lake Vänern began in 1973. A new, revised monitoring program was started in 2011. The program has a fixed element and a variable element. The fixed element consists of regular yearly inspections and regular inspections that take place at less frequent intervals than this. The variable element consists of projects designed to examine and enhance the lake's environment, together with campaign-type surveys, e.g. after temporary disturbances to the environment.

Regular inspections

Inspections of the following are carried out on a regular basis:

  • Animal life on the lake floor (profundal bottomfauna)
  • Animal plankton (zooplankton)
  • Ecological stocktaking of fish (by echo sounder)
  • Beach Live Fish
  • Threatened strains of fish in the streams
  • Inventory of nesting birds on skerries
  • Occurrence of hazardous substances in fish
  • Sediment chemistry
  • Beach Vegetation
  • Underwater Plants
  • Water chemistry of Lake Vänern and its outlet and tributaries
  • Plant plankton (phytoplankton)
  • Moving part, campaigns, surveys, development, etc.


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