The Society's objects are to promote the conservation of Lake Vänern's natural environment.
  • Functioning as a forum for the discussion of environmental issues affecting Lake Vänern and the dissemination of information about the lake
  • Carrying out surveys of the lake and its waters
  • Reporting and evaluating the results of environmental monitoring
  • Formulating environmental objectives and proposing measures to be taken where these are needed; and also, where necessary, initiating further surveys
  • Disseminating information about environmental conditions affecting the lake and about current environmental issues
  • Producing information about the lake that is easily accessible
  • Organize a group for collective local administration of fish and fisheries in lake Vänern
  • Co-operating with other organisations with a view to sharing experience and making our work more efficient.

Every year the Society organises a Vänern Day and produces an annual report about the lake. On Vänern Day a number of speakers report on the latest results of environmental monitoring and on current environmental issues affecting the lake.


The Secretariat

Phone: +46 10 224 52 05
+46 10 224 40 00 (switchboard)


Postal address:
Länsstyrelsen i Västra
Götalands län
Hamngatan 1
SE-542 30 Mariestad

Address for visitors:
Hamngatan 1, Mariestad