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Lake Vänern´s Society for water conservation
Bridge by Ekudden

Vänern is the largest lake in Sweden, and the third largest lake in Europe. Vänern and the Göta älv supply approximately 800 000 persons with drinking-water. 

Vänern resembles a great inland sea with bare cliffs but also with quiet reed-bed bays and a wide archipelago. You can go surfing in this inland sea, take a swim among 38 different species of fish, and sail in an archipelago that consists of 22 000 islands, islets and rocks. Or why not just stay here and listen to the black-throated diver and admire the silhouette of the osprey.

The water and organisms of the lake Vänern are examined several times a year. For example, 30 ornithologists counts up to 30 000 bird here in June!  

Welcome to read more about the sense of well-being in the lake Vänern.


The Secretariat

Phone: +46 10 224 52 05
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E-mail: sara.peilot@lansstyrelsen.se

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Länsstyrelsen i Västra
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