Work Package 3 Policy reform studies and dialogue

WP Leader
PP 7 - Kurzeme Planning Region
Contact: Zane Gaile zane.gaile(a)
Aim of the WP
The WP aim is to provide the missing transnational discussion platform and background data to promote policy dialogue. Specifically, this entails to assess need of action for adjustment of policy instruments, regulations and strategic actions to overcome the barriers to growth of the sector whilst ensuring integrated achievement of the CFP, WFD and MSFD. The partnership aims to propose improved policy and regulatory framework based on joint scientific data and to influence decision making at the relevant policy levels.
Specifically, three thematic areas will be the basis for information exchange, research and debates, explicitly i) administrative obstacles for fishing guides, ii) ethical code of conduct and iii) contribution of coastal fishing tourism to the regional economy.
The objective is to undertake thematic studies and produce three background reports as basis for transnational dialogue, harmonised decision making and policy reform as well as one Strategic Action Plan for fishing tourism and sport fishing in the Baltic Sea Region.