Activitiy 2.5

Activity leader

PP 1 - County Administrative Board in Stockholm

Contact: Henrik C. Andersson henrik.c.andersson(a)


The aim of this group of activities is to pilot the marketing packages and online booking solution through joint launching of 5 demonstration destinations. The aim is to pilot the eco-branding and marketing packages and initiatives for "Baltic Trout" as well as the online booking services of fishing guides, accommodation etc.

The implementation approach is to jointly launch the five fishing tourism destinations at three (3) sport fishing- and tourist fairs and on-line. The project will take part in sport fishing- and tourist fairs in the Netherlands, France and Italy. The direct cost of the fairs (fee, stands, marketing material, transportation of stands and marketing material and expertise) will be financed by funds from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. Travelling and accommodation as well as staff time will be financed through the partner budgets. One representative from each destination will be participating at the fairs.

At the fairs, the project will invite the press, tour operators, fishing clubs and thus get the message out about the project and trout fishing in the Baltic Sea.

In addition to the sport fishing- and tourist fairs, there will be a large amount of parallel marketing activities, especially using social media. Anglers are very active in social media, which makes it possible in simple and relatively cost-effectively to reach them. Within the participating countries, there are different ways to reach anglers, which must be taken into account that will be taken into account when the project's marketing plan is drawn up.

The success of the BALTIC TROUT eco-branding concept, marketing packages and the joint online booking services will be evaluated through the number of visitors at the joint web- site and number of actual bookings done in the on-line system. The online booking system will be started early in the project and quickly provide statistics and lessons learnt of its functionality. The information collected will provide answers to what type of products / services and packages is the most attractive and how / where they are marketed. It will be the basis for changing and improving the on-line booking system.

The evaluation report will be disseminated through the WP reference group, the network of coastal municipalities and the fishing and fisheries associations (including the FLAGs) transferring the manual and evaluation report to their members. In addition, RETROUT will closely cooperate with the CATCH project and associated partners to circulate relevant manual.

Evaluation report of marketing and ICT platform

As a result of this exercise the project will be able to deliver an evaluation report of the joint marketing methodology and ICT platform.

The report is intended to provide thematic expertise on joint marketing tools and ICT-solutions. The transnational value lays in the thematic expertise produced and the documented basin-wide learning experience.