Activitiy 2.3

Activity leader

PP 3 - Haninge municipality

Contact: Erik Josephsson erik.josephsson(a)


As a pilot, the project will develop and design a joint marketing package for fishing tourism destinations where sea trout is the targeted species. The key tasks involved are setting up organisational structure, establish an ECO-brand, and prepare marketing packages.

Fishing guides need to increase their ability not only to create but also to market attractive packages to new target groups - from the international angling community by offering exclusive all-inclusive packages, - to women, children and "out-door people", by presenting and informing of "extended reasons to go" and accessibility. This group of activities will develop the eco-branding concept for the BSR as a coastal fishing tourism destination tentatively named "BALTIC TROUT" and marketing packages. Anew name will be developed during the marketing strategy workshops (GA2.1).

The project will create an eco- brand, which should serve as a gateway for anglers. The brand will be defined by a number of criteria that participating companies must meet. The criteria should focus on a sustainable trout fishing in the Baltic Sea. These quality criteria will be drawn up during the first period of the project (described in GA 3.2 – Ethical code of conduct).

To increase the credibility of the eco-brand, the development and management of the brand will follow the International standard of Environmental labels and declarations. (ISO 14020 Environmental labels and declarations - General principles, ISO 14024 - Principles and procedures and ISO 14021 - Self-declared environmental claims). After project termination, the label will be managed by the Destination Management Service, or another organisation agreed upon during the implementation phase of the destination development programme. The coastal fishing tourism destination "packages", developed and marketed by the project, will meet environmental considerations, as far as possible.

BEF will coordinate the process to collect, analyse and consolidate inputs and feed-back from the 5 destinations and translate the inputs to a joint eco-branding concept. The national input mainly from the tourist offices and the associations of fishing guides, will be to produce promotional materials in English and local languages. In addition to the WP group meetings, activities 2.3-2.5 will be jointly discussed at one international meeting organised under GA3.2.

All promotional materials will be distributed in tourist offices and web-sites, at trade fairs, and other promotional campaigns.

Transnational relevance is high since the joint implementation of this group of activities will result in enhanced competence of joint marketing.

Eco-branding concept and joint marketing packages.

The produced eco-branding concept and joint marketing packages for "BALTIC TROUT" will mainly be designed for on-line marketing e.g. short films but a limited number of pamphlets and posters will be developed for distribution during the project. The on-line packages will be designed so that they are easy to print by national tourist offices and fishing guides. The common language for the marketing products will be English. National marketing products will also be available in local languages,

Through joint forces at a transitional level, the local small scale entrepreneurs will be able to reach a larger audience, a broader customer group.