Activitiy 2.2

Activitiy 2.2 - Prepare destination development educational products

Activity leader

PP 9 - Klaipeda University

Contact: Nerijus Nika nerijus.nika(a)


The project centres around five selected destinations, having the prerequisites for pioneering the eco-branding of the "BALTIC TROUT" and becoming frontrunner/"lighthouse" cases as inspiration for follower destinations/coastal municipalities. The potential and methodology for developing competitive and sustainable coastal fishing tourism destinations will be demonstrated and piloted at these sites.

In order to ensure that all outputs resulting from destination development process for coastal fishing tourism, are open-source and widely disseminated on a non-exclusive and non-discriminatory basis to ensure the most transparent and the widest possible access to all interested fishing service providers, tourist boards and coastal municipalities, this activity will develop an educational package.

Towards the end of the project, the contracted destination development consultant will be assigned to present the piloted model process and to compile all the educational products and workshop materials developed throughout the project so that it can be used as an educational product in follower municipalities. The educational package will be in the format of a MASSIVE OPEN ON-LINE COURSE (MOOC). Key lectures and training sessions will be filmed during national destination development workshops and up-loaded together with all the educational products on BALTIC TROUT website. In this way, the model process is made available in the public domain and will become state of art. In this way, no intellectual property rights can afterwards be claimed on any of the project outcomes neither by the project's participants nor other actors outside the project.

The package will also include an evaluation report, based on the periodic evaluation on the various (training) modules completed by the participants. The methodology for the monitoring and evaluation process, including questionnaires to the participants in the local clusters, will be developed by the consultant and approved by the Project Management Group.

The destination development process manual will be disseminated through the WP reference group, the RETROUT face-book group, the BALTIC TROUT website the network of coastal municipalities and the fishing and fisheries associations (including the FLAGs) transferring the manual and evaluation report to their members. In addition, RETROUT will closely cooperate with the CATCH project and associated partners to circulate relevant manual.

This output has a high transnational relevance since the interest for developing coastal fishing tourism is growing and the prevailing gaps and limiting factors for this industry is very similar all around the Baltic Sea.

Massive Open On-line Course (MOOC) on destination development process

In summary, the Baltic Trout MOOC features:

  • First MOOC containing model process for destination development for coastal fishing tourism
  • Case studies from the five demonstration destinations
  • Filmed lectures by the destination development consultant
  • Open to all, no restrictions
  • Participants will be linked to a pan-Baltic peer learning network on coastal fishing tourism
  • It is FREE of charge