Operational dimension

OPERATIONAL DIMENSION - The project will provide the SMEs with adequate business and strategic development know-how.
    1. Export ready businesses created.
      1. Institutionalised competence of business know-how of SMEs in the fishing tourism industry, implying:
        1. Competitive business cases with clear added values for the SMEs leading to sustainable growth and profitability;
        2. Ability to create attractiveness to target groups (anglers) offering "reasons to go" incl. 3-5 overnights;
        3. Ability to show added value to society and specifically for the environment, for stakeholders and interest groups, and for the economy.
    2. Improved local and transnational multi-governance organisational set up based on public-private partnership (PPP) mechanisms i.e. through establishment of MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) and joint development plans among the municipalities, fishing service providers and hotels etc. The PPP approach is applied to facilitate the institutionalisation of the knowledge generated, training material, manuals, processes and services and ensure the use of these tools beyond project duration.
    3. Enhanced ability to attract financing through joint learning on preparing investment ready project proposals.