Eutrophication from agriculture, waste water and storm water

Eutrophication is one of the most serious environmental problems in the Northern Baltic Sea River Basin District. Almost all coastal waters and half of the lakes and other waters bodies in the districts are considered to be affected by eutrophication.

​This theme deals with all sources of nutrients transported from catchment areas to water bodies. Our sub-projects include:


Better eutrophication policy instruments

Analysis of eutrophication policy instruments to decrease eutrophication from agriculture.


Water plans at the farm level

Water planning advisory function at the farm level. This project also includes a pilot project with concrete measures to reduce nutrient load in horse keeping at Julmyra Horse Center.


Decrease eutrophication at the river basin level

Capacity building and planning to decrease eutrophication from agriculture at the river basin level, in rivers Sagån, Kilaån and Hågaån.


Decision support tools

Decision support tools, such as maps and models, to reduce eutrophication from agriculture and optimize localization and choice of measure at local and regional scales.


Storm water purification

Finding phosphorus and pollutants in storm water – best practice and innovation.


Multi-functional water parks

Multi-functional water parks as storm water treatment and post purification step for sewage water. The project includes exchange of knowledge and experience between all stakeholders and water parks in Västerås, Uppsala and Smedjebacken.