Eutrophication – internal loading

This theme focuses on eutrophication from sediments. Eutrophication of lakes and coastal waters is enhanced when phosphorus and other nutrients leak from the sediments into the water.

​In Rich Waters, we test different methods to reduce this internal load. The results will contribute to better understanding of the most effective measures to overcome the problem.


Tools to combat internal loading

Development of tools to combat internal phosphorus loading in lakes and coastal waters.


Restauration of Lake Öljaren

Environmentally friendly removal of phosphorus-rich sediment from Lake Öljaren. The sediment will be re-used as fertilizer in agriculture.


Treatment of Lake Norrviken

Performing a full treatment of stop internal phosphorus loading in Lake Norrviken, including an evaluation of possible adverse effects on contaminant levels in fish.


Mussel farming

Demonstration and evaluation of mussel farming as an in-situ measure for nutrient reduction of eutrophication of coastal waters in the Stockholm archipelago.