Merry Christmas and goodbye!

Christmas and New Year is fast approaching and the MIA project is nearing its end. The website will not be updated as often as before, but the content will remain for years to come. Below are a few words from the project manager Niclas Bergius.
Good for barbecue

"The County Administrative Board of Västmanland has supervised the project, which has been carried out in collaboration with the Uppsala and Södermanland county administrative boards, Sveaskog and the Uppland Foundation. The project has been made possible with additional funding by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Both the large scale of the enterprise and the logistical challenges associated with extensive practical measures on the islands became clear to everyone involved when the project was launched in January 2009. The keys to overcoming difficulties were the sharing of resources, enthusiasm and the great power of positive thinking.

In conclusion, we would like to express our deep and warm thanks to all those involved for their great and important contributions to the success of the project MIA."

Best regards,

Niclas Bergius