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The first marine national park in Sweden was established in 2009.
Picture under water of the white coral

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​On the west coast of Sweden, on the border to Norway, the first marine national park in Sweden is established. The marine environment here is influenced by the Atlantic and it includes habitats and species found nowhere else in Swedish waters.

This area, Kosterhavet, is also a valuable recreational resource - it is one of Sweden´s most visited tourist destinations - and has an important inshore fishery, mostly for prawns and Norwegian lobsters. Protecting and maintaining the natural and economic wealth of Kosterhavet is one of the great challenges in managing this new national park. The Kosterhavet National Park was inaugurated in September 2009.

Sweden's highest marine biodiversity

Close to the bottom of the 200 meter deep Koster Fjord the high salinity (34-35‰) and the low temperature (5-7°C) seawater is more typical of the open ocean than of Swedish coastal waters. Sub-surface currents bring larvae of deep ocean species such as brachiopods, sponges and cold-water corals from the Atlantic continental slope. Of the 6000 marine species that have been identified in Kosterhavet, more than 200 are found nowhere else in Sweden.

A national park can promote local development

Kosterhavet is both home and workplace to many people. Nearly 24 000 people live in this, and neighbouring districts. About 1 000 people live in, or immediately adjacent to the national park. Tourism is a major source of income, Kosterhavet has excellent recreational opportunities. The area attracts over 100 000 turists each year.

Read the article Nets, nature and national parks about Kosterhavet written by Gordon McInnes from EEA (European Environment Agency). The 'Our Natural Europe' or 'ONE' stories are being developed by the EEA and its Eionet partners to illustrate in everyday language what biodiversity is and how we’re connected to it.

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 How to get there

Information on how to reach the park and about accommodations and sights you will find at The West Sweden Tourist Board.



naturum Kosterhavet (visitor centre)

+ 46 10 22 45 400

National Park Manager

Anders Tysklind +46 10 22 44 741

Marine biologist

Anita Tullrot +46 10 22 44 742

Conservation biologist

Lisa Karnfält +46 10 22 44 733


Tomas Willdal +46 10 22 44 743


​Douwe van der Woude +46 10 22 44 618

Visitor centre manager/ marine biologist

Örjan Karlsson +46 10 22 44 708 

Nature interpreter

Mathilda Freij +46 10 22 45 148

 Visitor centre

Welcome to the main information centre - "naturum Kosterhavet" - in Ekenäs on South Koster.

Naturum offers expert help and has displays about the natural history of Kosterhavet.

tel.: +46 10 22 45 400


Opening Hours  2021

June 28 - August 8

Every day 10 am - 7 pm 

August 9 - August 22 

Monday-Saturday 10 am - 7 pm

Sunday 11.30 am-7 pm

August 23 - August 29

Monday-Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday 11.30 am-5 pm

August 30 - November 28

Thursday-Friday 10 am - 3 pm

Saturday-Sunday 11.30 am - 3 pm

 Audioguides in English, German and Arabic for free.

For guiding and other activities, please contact on

+46 10 22 45 400 or e-mail:




 A week in Kosterhavet

In Oktober 2011 Simon from the European Commission visited us for a week. Read his thoughts and reflections in his blog.



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