Trandansen (crane dance)

At the south-western end of the lake lies Trandansen. Watching the cranes here has been a popular activity since the beginning of the 1950s.
Trandansen. Photo: Kent-Ove Hvass

The cranes have been here for several hundred years, but they did not become a tourist attraction until Arne Sucksdorff's film about them was shown at the cinema. Nowadays, at least 150,000 visitors from far and wide come here every spring. They all want to watch the cranes' lively dance, hear them trumpeting to the heavens and feel that spring has finally arrived.

Trandansen was opened in 1994 and contains an exhibition about the cranes, a souvenir shop, tourist information and a small coffee shop. Guided crane tours for the general public leave here on several evenings in April. Groups that book can take part in guided tours that can continue with a nature and cultural guided tour to naturum Hornborgasjön.

You can find information about cranes and crane statistics elsewhere. Eagle weekends are also organised at Trandansen during the winter.

How do we count the cranes? What do they eat? Why do they dance?

Here you find the answers!


 Opening hours 2015


21 March-29 March 10.00-17.00

30 March-19 April 09.00-19.00