The new bird tower at Fågeludden is a wonderful place for people interested in birds.

naturum Hornborgasjön

The tower at naturum Hornborgasjön has a lift, thereby enabling disabled people also to reach the top. From here, it is possible to see one of Sweden's largest colonies of black-headed gulls, grebe, ducks and a large number of coot.


The windbreak and platform at Ytterbergs udde can be reached from the parking lot at Ytterberg, after a walk of about 400 metres. Good view of the lake.

Ytterberg. Photo: Västra Götaland County Administrative Board


The tower at Fäholmen gives you a good view of the northern part of the lake. Best in the autumn, when the cranes fly in at dusk. The cranes come from fields in the north to spend the night at Lake Hornborga.


The bird tower at Utloppet on the western side of the lake is especially recommended during the winter and early spring/late winter. The flowing water enables you to watch ducks and swans when the rest of the lake is frozen. There is a good chance of seeing and listening to the red-necked grebe during the spring.


The Hånger tower is perhaps the least well known at Lake Hornborga. It is situated in the southern part of the lake and you need to walk around 1.5 kilometres to reach it. Lovely view of the rich and varied landscape around the lake.

Ore nabb

The little tower at Ore nabb also offers a view of varied environments, not least during the walk - around 1.5 kilometres - to the actual tower. You walk along a ridge, through deciduous forest and meadows, with poor mossy areas on the left-hand side and the rich lake on the right.

Ore nabb/Almeö. Photo: Västra Götaland County Administrative Board


It is a long walk to get to the Almeö tower from the parking lot at Skattegården. The open ramble across the Hornborga water meadow usually offers a number of interesting bird sightings. From the tower at Almeö, you can see the southern part of the lake.