Rambling tracks

Almeö. Photo: Kent-Ove Hvass

Almeöleden (5 km)

... takes you from the parking lot at Skattegården, across the Hornborga water meadow and out to Almeö. You are surrounded by almost completely open country.You return the same way you came.

Bolumsleden (3.5 km)

... passes through the old cultural landscape on the eastern side of the lake. It starts at the parking lot at naturum Hornborgasjön. Along the track, there are a large number of ancient remains and traces of previous cultivation. You pass through undulating country and at times you have a magnificent view of the lake. The track ends at the parking lot.

You can also make your way from Bolumsleden to Heljesgården, which is run by the Västergötland Museum.

Ytterbergsleden (8 km)

... follows the shore southwards from naturum Hornborgasjön to Ytterbergs udde (point). A wonderful track for everyone wishing to see the birds on the lake. On the dry meadow side at Vässtorp, there is also some wonderful flora, plus a beautiful view of the lake. Ängsladan (meadow barn), about a kilometre from naturum Hornborgasjön, has been constructed to resemble an old-fashioned hay barn. This is a great place to stay the night.

At the end of Ytterbergs udde, there is protection from the wind in the form of a platform - perfect for everyone interested in birds.

You round the point, come to the parking lot and then return the same way you came.

Ytterbergsleden/Ore backar. Photo: Västra Götaland County Administrative Board

Orebacksleden (3,5 km)

... is on the western side of the lake, just north of Dagsnäs slott (castle)). You walk along a boulder ridge offering views of the lake, beautiful deciduous forest and lovely flora. At the tip, on Ore nabb (point), there is a bird tower.

In this part of Lake Hornborga, the vegetation is fairly dense, which means that there are a great many birds. We recommend an afternoon or evening visit to avoid walking against the light.

This track crosses the crane reservation and is therefore closed to visitors from 20 March to 30 April.

Hångerleden (3 km)

... takes you to Hångers udde (point) in the southern part of the lake. This track offers a variety of environments in the form of old oak trees, marshland forest, water meadows and dense bush. From the bird tower at the end of the track, there are wonderful opportunities to see some of the character birds of Lake Hornborga. Hångers udde often provides outstanding crane displays during the spring. This track is open even during the most intensive crane period, but we ask you to move carefully in the area in order not to disturb the birds.

The disused Hånger churchyard is situated close to the parking lot. It is well worth a visit.

Utloppsleden (3 km)

... is perhaps not a proper walking track, but it still offers a very enjoyable walk. From the parking lot - between Trestena and Stenum on the western side - you follow the embankment northwards. There is a bird tower where the River Flian flows into the lake.

Hångers udde/Utloppsleden. Photo: Västra Götaland County Administrative Board