How to get here

To Skara, Falköping or Skövde

Lake Hornborga is situated in southern Sweden, 150 km north east of Göteborg. To reach the lake, you need to get to one of the three main towns in Västra Götaland, Skara, Falköping or Skövde, all of which are about 20 kilometres from Lake Hornborga. You will probably arrive by car, but we would like to remind you that it is also easy to take a bus to Skara, Falköping or Skövde. You can also take a train to Falköping and Skövde.

To Lake Hornborga

There are two main targets for visitors to Lake Hornborga - Trandansen and naturum Hornborgasjön.

If you are in Skara or Falköping, it is really easy to get to Trandansen, which is on the road between the two towns. Keep an eye out for the signs between Bjurums kyrka (church) and Dagsnäs slott (castle).

Naturum Hornborgasjönlies on the eastern side of the lake and can be reached by driving south from Varnhem to Broddetorp. Varnhem is situated between Skara and Skövde. Along the road to Broddetorp, there are signs to Lake Hornborga and naturum Hornborgasjön.

From Falköping, you take the road north towards Skövde, take the first to the left to Torbjörntorp and then turn right to Broddetorp. In Broddetorp, at the ICA Tranan shop, there are signs to Lake Hornborga and naturum Hornborgasjön.It is also possible to take a bus to both Trandansen and Broddetorp.

Places to visit at Lake Hornborga

The above descriptions explain how to get to Trandansen and naturum Hornborgasjön, the two most popular destinations, but there are naturally many other equally pleasant places to visit in the vicinity of Lake Hornborga. We would, for example, like to recommend Fäholmen, Bolums lider, Vässtorp, Ytterberg, Almeö, Hångers udde, Ore backar and Utloppet. 

The best way to travel around Lake Hornborga is by car. Cycling round the lake is also very enjoyable. Bring your own cycle or rent one. Needless to say, cycles can also be rented in the area.

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