EFFECT4buildings Newsletter for building managers #1

Knowledge of financial support opportunities as well as available technology solutions in the market plays a crucial role for building managers to make decisions on energy efficiency investments in buildings.

The project "Effective Financing Tools for Implementing Energy Efficiency in Buildings" (EFFECT4buildings) in collaboration with public building managers develops financial tools and methods to improve profitability, facilitate the financing of energy investments and lower the risks of implementing energy efficiency measures (retrofitting, upgrading and deep renovation) in buildings.

You will find information about:
- Financing Toolbox for building managers - 1
- Examples of tools and methods - 2
- Technology solution providers and building managers – 4                           
- GreenEST Summit 2018 - 4
- Meet the project team - 6
Find more about the project "EFFECT4buildings" and financial toolbox in our International Newsletter: https://issuu.com/
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