Technological solutions

EFFECT4buildings is mapping and spreading knowledge on technology solutions for energy efficiency in buildings to achieve economic savings. Building managers gain from better knowledge on their profitability, performance and how to order them to benefit the highest possible value.

At the same time, technology solution providers often seek for a bigger market and the feedback on market needs to make further improvements in their business models. That market dialogue between technology solution providers and building managers is provided by EFFECT4buildings.

The project has so far mapped 162 solutions listed in this report.

GreenEST Summit 2018: Future fo Buildings

On October 30 over 200 energy-efficiency experts, real estate developers, architects and greentech solutions providers gathered to Tallinn GreenEST Summit conference to improve the future of buildings! Read more here.

See also after movie of GreenEst Summit 2018:

Energy efficient technologies for buildings in the Baltic Sea Region. EFFECT4buildings project team had chance to make 15 interviews with representatives of companies and we prepared some brief introduction about each solution/product. We hope that these descriptions will help building managers to learn more about various solutions for improving energy efficiency in buildings. Read more here.

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Other outcomes from the project

Energy benchmarking and monitoring tool and statistics on most profitable energy measures

Outcome by County Board of Dalarna in Sweden.
Short  report (In English)

EFFECT4buildings webinar, May 7, 2019: Technological solutions for energy efficiency measures in buildings

Video presentations:

1. Introduction + Energy efficient water tapsFrank Rälg, FM Mattsson, Sweden. 

Presentation in PDF available here.

2. Solar RoofsHelen Anijalg, Roofit Solar Energy, Estonia

Presentation in PDF available here.

3. Ceiling panels  for efficient heating and coolingHannu Janhunen, Itula Oy, Finland

Presentation in PDF available here.

4. Energy efficient ventilation, Jonn Are Myhren, Healthy Homes, Sweden

Presentation in PPT available here.

Articles about available technological solutions in Baltic Sea Region countries:

Few are familiar with the savings from mixers and showers,FM Mattsson Mora Group 

2-in-1 solar panel solution,

Ceiling panels for efficient heating and cooling, Itula Oy

Smart ventilation unit - monitors and controls the indoor climate, Airobot

Healthier homes and reduced energy use withventilationHealthy Homes 

Adaptive regulation for waterborne local and district heatingEffektiv Energi 

Ventilated window frames increase energy efficiencyEWTG

Monitoring system.pngTo measure is to know – new product releasedAir Quality Monitor (LAQ), Swedish company Luvian AB

EnergiCafe.jpg "Energy Café" Smart Energy Solutions: Take the leap - The right time is now, Benny Magnusson

 "Energy Café" Benefits of new smart solutions, Benny Magnusson

Technical solutions: Solar Heat water storage, Benny Magnusson

Technological solutions: Ventilation system, Benny Magnusson

Technological solutions: Wastewater heat exchanger, Benny Magnusson